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Tradition Made to Measure

Looking Back into the Past...

More than 130 years have past since Bernhard Fleck made the final decision to turn his plumbing business into a company for sheet and metal finishing. With this action he also laid the foundation stone for a tradition-rich company. The success of the company was not diminished by changes of works or the effect of two world wars.

Competence and knowledge were passed from generation to generation. Then, as now, a good relationship with our customers and suppliers is our highest priority.

We combine quality with trust which are fundamental principles with which the Fleck products became reknowned throughout the world. "Fleck-housing" for measuring became a term of quailty.

Precision even into Details

For years we have concentrated our know-how in the manufacture of accessory parts for measuring instruments.

The emphasis is on the precision in the production of various housings for the manometer and display thermometer industry.

We have the ability to produce housings from the smallest up to the largest heights with almost every in-between dimension and with different bores, cut-outs and entrances.

What is important for us is the individual requirement, which means that we supply housings complete with seal, glass, dial plate, welded-on studs with external and internal threads and the appropriate fastening elements. Our supply program is supplemented by quadratic housings and profile housings in narrow and wide frame formats.

We provide every assistance in the development of our customers own designed housings.

The service begins before we touch anything. It is natural for us to take the whishes and problems of our customers into account and to actively convert the solution into reality.

Variety to Measure

For us shaping-technology means more. A "more" in manufacturing possibilities that we can offer you.

Our sophisticated technical expertise enables us to produce complicated stamped, drawn and bent parts of brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
The necessary tools for these processes are developed by us and built in our toolmaking division. In addition, the final polishing ensures the highest surface quality.

This is a product market that requires operating skill and precision - a requirement that we fulfill.